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Be the Change for Spokane

Sustainability Efforts at WSU Spokane

The WSU Spokane campus has adopted several sustainability practices and is committed to expanding sustainability efforts in the future. The Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building has been LEED Silver (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified since 2012. The WSU Spokane campus Facilities team uses hybrid and electric cars and carts, and there are several electric vehicle charging stations around campus. The campus is equipped with automated control systems for lighting and HVAC by utilizing daylight harvesting sensor technology and occupant sensors.

The WSU Spokane campus is committed to promoting recycling and reuse where appropriate. For example, there are recycling bins at each desk and around campus. In 2023, The Medicine Building on the WSU Spokane campus was renovated and select original building furnishings were refreshed, repurposed, and reused. In addition, university-owned items that are no longer wanted are sent to Pullman where they are either redistributed or recycled.

WSU Spokane offers free bus services through the Spokane Transit Authority for students and staff. The campus also participates in the state-sponsored commute trip reduction program which is designed to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road, in an effort to cut air pollution, traffic, and wear on the roads.