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President’s Sustainability Task Force

Dear WSU Community,

In accordance with Washington State University’s (WSU) Commitment to Sustainability, a Task Force is being established to provide recommendations to the System Leadership Collaborative (SLC) by the end of the Spring 2024 semester.

We are looking for faculty, staff, and students who are passionate to serve on a Task Force sub-committee aimed at shaping this vision of sustainability moving forward both at WSU and across Washington.

The Task Force will be comprised of four sub-committees (8-10 people each) with different foci related to: 1)Research, Innovation, and Creativity; 2)Student Experience; 3)Outreach, Extension, Service, and Engagement; and 4)Institutional Effectiveness and Infrastructure.

The subcommittees will provide recommendations on actions or initiatives to be taken and mechanisms to track progress, as well as proposing reasonable timelines for advancing these WSU commitments to sustainability.

Applications for sub-committee positions are submitted online here.  The deadline to submit is Sunday, October 15, 2023, 11:59 pm PT.

All faculty, students, and staff are welcome to apply.  Sub-committees will be expected to meet through the end of 2023.  For questions, please email Jeanne Weiler.