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Washington State University is committed to improve its performance in sustainability in all areas of operations to meet the needs of current generations without impairing the ability to meet the needs of future generations. Washington State University will develop appropriate systems for managing environmental, social, and economic sustainability programs with specific goals, objectives, priorities, and processes.

In addition, Washington State University will continue to support the present Environmental Management System and its principles to manage environmental challenges on the Pullman Campus and extend them to other WSU campuses and locations. This policy will help Washington State University meet its responsibility to prepare students, staff, and faculty to proactively deal with the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing humanity.




What’s to come

Energy – WSU Tenant Engagement

Facilities Services has hired the Integrated Design + Construction Laboratory (ID+CL) to develop and implement a tenant engagement plan to targeted buildings on the WSU Pullman campus. This campaign, titled Energy and Comfort at WSU, will help building occupants learn strategies to reduce their energy consumption and improve their occupant experience while at work in WSU buildings. Learn more about the ID+CL and this campaign.


The future is in your hands and future begins now.  Please submit an entry and be part of our latest collaborative project with Coca-Cola and lead the Zero Waste Challenge.

Catherine Coleman flowers

The second Lane Family Lecture of 2021 will be presented online by Catherine Coleman Flowers, and environmental and climate justice activist who writes about the disproportionate impacts of inadequate waste and water sanitation infrastructure on rural communities of color in the U.S.

pick up a homemade composter for your apartment

The Environmental Science Club received a Green Fund grant to make composters for apartments.  Request your composter today.