Sustainability Site Road to Zero Waste Contest

Fan of Athletics, environment, sensible economics, and competition?   ASWSU, WSU Athletics, WSU Waste Management, WSU Sustainability, Unifi/Repreve, PAC12, and Swire Coca Cola are holding a contest for students to be creative and play a role in the increase of recycling at the November 17th game against the University of Arizona.


The PAC12 has hosted Road to Zero Waste Contests since 2016.  This year PAC12 is teaming with Unifi to help improve waste management at all campuses in the conference.  Unifi provides grant money to help with education and outreach to each university’s unique concepts.  The conference selects winners in different categories such as amount of waste diversion and most create concept.  The winners are highlighted by the PAC12 on websites and events throughout the year.

2018 Contest Theme:

The PAC12 contest centers around waste diversion and circular economy.  Based on these parameters WSU chose a theme.  We are focusing on recycling plastic bottles with minimal contamination.  These plastic bottles will be used by the 3D Printing Club to create 3D filament for the printers used by students on campus.  WSU selected the concept to bring attention to changes in the waste management global market that has affected WSU and Pullman recycling programs.  The 3D Printing Club received a Student Green Fund Grant to manufacture the equipment necessary to transform plastic bottles into filament.

What we need from you:

Submit a slogan, logo, or concept that embraces the contest theme by October 31.  The winner will have their idea highlighted on educational signage and outreach material as well as promos used at the stadium and PAC12 conference, and help produce a 3-minute video created for Unifi.

Your idea needs to try and incorporate:

  • Plastic bottle recycling
  • Elimination of contamination
  • Use of plastic bottles in 3D printing

We are excited to work with you to create a winning concept on and off field.

Submit a slogan

WSU Recycling and Composting Background:

WSU has recently had to modify how material is managed on campus following significant changes occurring to recycling markets that impact what materials are acceptable.  The same problems have occurred in our compost waste stream.  We are similarly changing the materials which can be accepted to minimize contamination allowing us to process at our on campus state of the art facility.

WSU is collecting information and working with departments across campus to emphasize this new focus.  New signage will be used on all waste bins, but due to the number of locations the roll out of new signage will be gradual and highlighting the need to minimize waste and contamination.

Our Plan:

  1. Plastic bottles will be collected at Rogers Field, Hollingberry Fieldhouse, and Martin Stadium.  We are hoping to minimize contamination.  Bottles containing pop or water may be considered contaminates depending on volume can damage processing equipment or increase labor to ensure material can be used.
  2. Collected bottles will be provided to the 3D Printing Club where bottles will be shredded into smaller pieces.
  3. The shredded pieces are heated and passed through and extruder where it is turned into filament.
  4. The filament is collected on a spool.
  5. The spools will be used throughout campus at 3D printers eliminating the need to buy virgin filament.  The printed items can be reprocessed multiple times both fiber length is no longer viable.