Compost Bins

The Environmental Science Club believes composting is something everyone can do to minimize the amount of waste being sent to landfills.  However, living in apartments with minimal space this composting can be difficult.  They have worked to make sure this is no longer an excuse.

The composter was modeled after the Bokashi composter.  This type of composting effectively ferments food waste using micro-organisms found in Bokashi Bran.  The process emits minimal odor and does not require user to continual turn the material.  Not only does it divert material from the landfill, this process also produces less greenhouse gas usually attributed to the decomposition of organic material.
This type of compost bin is low maintenance.  Each compost bin is made with 2 – 3.5 gallon plastic buckets.  The top bucket has holes drilled in the bottom allowing fermented juices to be drained and collected in the lower bucket.  The lower bucket has a spigot installed to allow for easy removal of waste liquid.

Environmental Science Club is making a homemade mixture containing wheat bran, molasses, and inoculant microbial.  One to two tablespoons of the liquid need to be added with addition of any waste material.  Once the container is full, if you do not have a use for it at your home, please take it the compost drop off bins at Abelson Hall.

If you are interested in a compost bin contact the Environmental Science Club and they will provide you are compost bin and access to an educational video explaining how to use the bin effectively. Coming Soon!