Sustainability Site Sustainability and the Environment Committee (SEC)

To realize and maximize Washington State University’s potential; administrators, faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders will team up to develop and integrate the sustainability programs. The President has appointed the Sustainability and the Environment Committee (SEC). The SEC will provide the leadership and guidance in the planning, development, organization, and implementation of the programs supporting the Washington State University Sustainability Initiative. The SEC acts in an advisory role to the president on environmental matters. The committee also aids in the deliberation on Green Fund proposals brought forth by students. The Sustainability and Environment Committee is a Presidential Committee consisting of students, faculty, staff, and administrators promoting the advancement of sustainability at Washington State University by:

  • Providing proposals, advice, and support on policies and procedures related to sustainability
  • Coordinating and communicating sustainability policies, procedures, and issues with WSU departments
  • Coordinating and communicating sustainability programs and opportunities with WSU departments
  • Reviewing sustainability efforts annually and make suggestions for improvements
  • Administering the Green Fund and establishing  subcommittees for specific issues

Committee Charter

SEC Voting Members

Advisory Committee

  • Chair, Jason Sampson, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Nicolas Prante, University Recreation
  • Jeff Lannigan, Facilities Services
  • Alice Ma, Dining Services
  • Allyson King, Faculty for School of the Environment
  • Maren Friesen, Faculty for Teaching and Learning
  • Arda Gozen, Faculty for School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Summer Lockhart, GPSA
  • Stevie Fawcett, ASWSU Representative
  • Conner Rath, Student Involvement

Executive Committee

  • Brian Shuffield-Student Involvement
  • Julie Padowski-CEREO
  • Jason Sampson – Environmental Health and Sustainability
  • Allyson King, – Faculty School of the Environment