Sustainability Site Sustainability and the Environment Committee (SEC)

The Sustainability and Environment Committee is a Presidential Committee of students, faculty, staff, and administrators promoting the advancement of sustainability at Washington State University by:

  • Providing proposals, advice, and support on policies and procedures related to sustainability
  • Coordinating and communicating sustainability policies, procedures, and issues with WSU departments
  • Coordinating and communicating sustainability programs and opportunities with WSU departments
  • Reviewing sustainability efforts annually and make suggestions for improvements
  • Administering the Green Fund and establishing  subcommittees for specific issues

Committee Charter

SEC Voting Members

Advisory Committee

  • Shawn Deeds-Athletics
  • Jeff Lannigan-Facilities Services
  • Gabby Rodriguez-Transportation Services
  • Barry Moore-Faculty
  • Teresa Francene Watson-Faculty
  • Leslie Sena-Faculty
  • Matthew Vanderlinden-ESA Co-Chair
  • Allison Cramer-GPSA
  • Dan Maher-Student Involvement

Executive Committee

  • Brian Shuffield-Student Involvement
  • Julie Padowski-CEREO
  • Dwight Hagihara-Environmental Health and Safety Risk Management Services