We can’t do it without you.

It’s through the work of students like you that we’re able to do what we do. Students at WSU have consistently shown how dedicated they are to the environment and how ready they are to help make a difference. We truly believe that any WSU student who puts their mind to it can make a change and impact our campus.

Interested in helping make change here at WSU but don’t know where to start? WSU is home to many organizations that deal with environmental and sustainability issues. Get involved here.

As global concern over climate change continues to increase, sustainability has become an important part of many academic disciplines. WSU recognizes this and provides opportunities for students interested in sustainability. WSU currently offers a sustainable development minor, as well as a sustainable agriculture graduate certificate.

Students like you have done a lot for sustainability on our campus. It was a student effort that brought the Green Fund to life. The Green Fund gives students an opportunity to donate $5 during class registration each semester. Those $5 go to the Green Fund, which helps with sustainability efforts on campus.

For more information on the Green Fund and a list of projects it’s helped to accomplish, such as the Eggert Family Organic Greenhouse, click here.